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Please note that during a power outage, your AZnet Biz NBN Phone service may not operate nor will you be able to make or receive telephone calls; including EMERGENCY Calls. i.e. 000.
A suggested option for an EMERGENCY back up phone (in the event of a power outage) is that of a suitable mobile phone?

The provision of AZnet Biz NBN Broadband /Phone service is conditional on the understanding that you have read and understood the Product plans. Terms and Conditions, Acceptable User policy and Critical Information Summary prior to you using the service either by accessing the web site or requesting an email copy from:

In particular:
1. You acknowledge that you are empowered to act as the authorised agent in signing this agreement with AZnet and that you forfeit any Existing Telephone/broadband promotional discounts. Further, you are responsible for any Exit/Termination charges that were applicable from Your previous provider.

2. You acknowledge that if you are in a NBN area that has previously not been connected, then NBN may designate your area as a "New connection". NBN in the case of a designated "New Connection" has the right to charge an one off new connection fee of $300’s and this will be on-charged by AZnet. ( On application we will confirm if your premise has been designated by NBN as a "New Connection".)

3. AZnet Biz NBN Bundle/Phone plans are optimise to represent the best possible value and as such, it is a condition in accepting this service that you agree to waive CSG. (Customer Service Guarantee) as pertaining to Biz NBN Phone service. (AZnet Biz NBN Phone /VoIP services under this clause are designated as a standard Telephony service.)

4. Once AZnet has started provisioning your Biz NBN service, if you were to withdraw your agreement then you will be liable for $99.00 withdrawal fee.

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